October 25, 2006

Richard Dawkins on Why There Almost Certainly Is No God.


Terrence Berres said...

Could he quantify that into a betting line on Pascal's wager?

ambrose mensch said...

Heh. Well, as Kaufamann says, for all we know the gods reserve special torments for precisely those whose belief springs from such a wager.

There's a really good rebuttal to Dawkins (that article I linked to is apparently a chapter in his book "The God Delusion") in the current Harper's -- 'Hysterical Scientism
The ecstasy of Richard Dawkins' by
Marilynne Robinson

Anonymous said...

Hey you. Don't suppose you'd like to email me a copy, now that you've got that handy scanner? Of the Harper's article, that is. I pretty much know what Dawkins has to say without reading his book. And what's the "Teachers Sold Separately" letter about? (I was looking at the Harper's TOC on the website, seeing if I could get the article online.) I should really just subscribe to Harper's again myself.

No worries if it'd be a pain to scan it.